About Us

Hi, I'm Ann Brucker!

I’m here to help you grow as an Artist, whether you are just starting out or have been creating for years!

Does Drawing Feel Like It Should Be So Simple But It’s Just Beyond Your Ability?

I understand how it feels to want to draw, paint or sculpt but fear of failure due to lack of proper art skill training can crush your spirit! I personally experienced this when  I enrolled as an art major in college and attended my freshman studio art classes. I quickly realized that while I had created art my whole life, even at home, I had not received real skill training in my formative years to prepare me, and I faced the dilemma at age 18 to either sink or swim, resulting in anxiety and fear of failure. I had to work hard to catch up building my art skill foundation while also fulfilling the required college level work.


Step by Step Art Instruction

Most young artists are frustrated, discouraged and self-critical with their drawing skills; a skill which is the foundational beginning to all other art forms, whether realistic, abstract or imagined.

That’s why we’ve developed a simple step-by-step teaching method and hands-on training that teaches you the art discipline of how to draw, followed by the process of painting and sculpting.