Art Walk July 9th 5:30pm-8:00pm
Mosaic Student Art Show

Tours Limited on a First-Come Basis

Art that speaks to your heart, bringing with it emotions welling from within, are created from the quiet places deep inside. The current exhibit by students from Mosaic Arts Loft in the gallery at Sherwood Center for the Arts is unique in its display of mastery art skills in drawing, painting, and sculpting at levels beyond the imagination for young artists in kindergarten through high school and beyond.

Mya Alford 8 years old  Oil on Canvas
Sara Ponnuswamy 6 years old   Oil on Canvas
Nicole Woods 11 years old   Clay Sculpture
The echo of classical masters is evident, such as Rembrandt in the K-5th grade classical Self-Portrait oil paintings and the expressive sculpting of Self-Portraits in clay inspired by Rodin (26 students sculpted over virtual art lessons at home following studio closures due to COVID19). Contrast these with 7th grader Ian Sheetz’s Self-Portrait in oils on canvas and the maturity of age shines through.
Ian Sheetz 12 years old   Oil on Canvas
Naomi Conn 16 years old   Oil on Canvas
Sculpted strength depicted in oil painting by Naomi Conn brings forth Michelangelo’s “Moses”. Da Vinci’s influence is seen in Joe Schmutzler’s full figure graphite drawing over skeletal structure.
Joe Schmutzler 14 years old   Graphite on Paper
Contemporary artists influence are also seen, such as Ruth Duckworth’s leadings in photos of large clay wall sculptures by adult artist Erica Voss.
Erica Voss Adult   Clay Wall Sculpture
Charlotte Rebenstorf 16 years old   Clay Sculpture with Acrylic Paint
High school student Charlotte Rebenstorf launches into her own unique mastery with a strong figurative clay sculpture laid over with geometric gridded painting that tries to deny the classical head form; the figure receives an arm embrace from an obscure octopus emerging from sea depths below.
Christian Gunderson 15 years old   Acrylic and Watercolor
Life-like tulips juxtaposed in acrylic and watercolor renderings from high school student Christian Gunderson were drawn by hand and the intense shading of reds are vivid!
Pattern paintings by graduating senior Morgan Van Bergen become clouds holding  pieces of rainbow sunsets within; on a second canvas sushi marches across the surface taking on new form as it fuses into patterns.
Morgan Van Bergen 18 years old   Oil Paint on Canvas
Imaginations ignite as dragon series by Elena Sheetz takes flight with landscape trees swaying beneath the outstretched wings.
Elena Sheetz 14 years old   Oil Paint on Canvas
Anna Natzke 13 years old   Watercolor Paint on Paper
Dragons emerge from watercolor sea depths in soon to be published cover art by Artist and Author Anna Natzke for her first published book “Ronilian and the Saphireheart”.
70 works on display may be viewed at the Sherwood Center for the Arts and Mosaic Arts Loft Studio will also be hosting during Old Town Art Walk on July 9 from 6pm-8pm.
 “We offer Art Lessons that empower students to thrive in the studio which spills over into their academics. MOSAIC’s teaching transforms students from their “fear of the blank canvas” to creating masterpieces; growing from art observers to artist heroes through weekly skill-based art lessons.  Payday for me is when I see 9 months of studio work come together in our year-end student shows – I’m always amazed at the progressive art skill growth in our students.” Ann Brucker 
Owner and artist Ann Brucker holds her Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree from Washington University and a Master in Fine Arts Degree from U of Washington. She has been bringing the classical fine arts training in drawing, painting, and sculpting to students at Mosaic Arts Loft since 2006; next year the studio will be celebrating their 15 year anniversary.
If you would like to learn how to be a Master Artist you may visit to enroll in the variety of Art Lessons and Art Camp offerings.
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