Addie Bohrer Testimony

Addie Bohrer


As a homeschooling mom, I want to provide my children with the most well-rounded education possible.  We were reading books about artists and looking at paintings online, but I knew that I wanted my girls to experience art in a more immersive and hands-on way.

Before discovering Mosaic, I felt so limited by my own lack of art experience and quality tools and supplies.  It was frustrating to know that my girls were missing out on developing a rich relationship with art because I couldn’t offer them certain things.

I loved everything about Mosaic Arts Loft as soon as I took my daughter for her first lesson.  The atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming, and cozy.  Ann showed such a personal interest in my daughter and asked me what my goals were for her and if there was anything specific that I wanted her to learn.  I love the way that the students work independently on their own projects, but sitting around the same table where they can collaborate and be inspired by each other. 

Last year, my daughter Addie had one of her ceramic sculptures selected, out of 1,200 entires, to be a part of the National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her piece was shipped across the country and  ended up winning an Honorable Mention Award.  It was seen by thousands of visitors from all over the world who were attending the NCECA conference.  The whole experience was such a thrill for not only our daughter, but our entire family!  This was something we will never forget, and it was solely due Addie’s enrollment at Mosaic and Ann’s submission of her student’s work.

Now, rich and meaningful art education is a part of my daughter’s life.  She has hands-on access to quality supplies – oils, pastels, canvases, ceramics, pottery wheel, and anything else she expresses interest in supplies that I would never be able to provide for her at home.  She also has a mentor, a creative outlet, a quiet place go and learn new skills. Mosaic Arts Loft has just been such a positive and enriching addition to my child’s life and education.  I’m looking forward to getting my second daughter started with classes this summer and continuing our relationship with Ann and her wonderful studio.