Elsa Crow

Elsa Crow


We recently relocated to Sherwood from the Philadelphia, PA area. There my daughter went to a very progressive preschool that had creative art twice a day that allowed for exploring different 2D and 3D materials. 

Having a degree in Early Childhood Education, I know the research supporting the importance of balancing play & creative opportunities with academic learning. Studying art and various ways of making also allows for exposure to other cultures and broadens perspectives. As a professional ceramics artist who has previously taught at the university level, I was looking for a local art studio for my 6 year old daughter to take weekly art classes and camps throughout the year whose teachers are artists with an academic background and love working with kids. Ann Brucker has a BFA and MFA from nationally respected art programs therefore I wanted see what children’s classes she offered and to meet and support her as a fellow local ceramics artist. 

Ann and the other teachers are warm, kind, patient and knowledgeable. They offer classic instruction and exposure to various 2D and 3D media & artists. The intimate studio setting allows for close and supportive relationships to develop. My daughter loves her teachers. She has gained problem-solving skills, confidence in her self and her art skills, and made new friends. She has been taking classes for almost a year. She comes home with beautifully finished pieces and proud of what she made. I can see her skills evolve and she enjoys telling me about her art making process. Her independent art experiences have helped us enjoy sharing more creative time together in my studio as well. She has become a part of the Mosaic Arts Loft community at an early age and can continue to grow there while living in Sherwood. I am thankful for all that Mosaic Arts Loft has to offer our daughter and our community.

Michelle Tobia, Artist

Photo by Michelle Tobia Crow

Elsa’s Hummingbird Tea Set was selected by the juror, Professor Keith Williams of Concordia University, for inclusion in this year’s Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition in Richmond, VA during the NCECA conference!!! There were 939 entries. Special thanks to her wonderful art teachers, Mrs. Christina Brucker and Mrs. Ann Brucker, at the Mosaic Arts Loft for making the investment in the students by entering their artworks into the competition and all that they do with and for their students!!! ❤️❤️

Here is a link to her piece in the exhibition online. Be sure to also check out all the incredible pieces that all the students made!! 

So very proud of her creativity and hard work and love of the arts!! Elsa and I had made plans to fly out and attend the conference in Virginia to celebrate her work and success and to see friends and my colleagues. The last conference I was at was in Seattle 2012 right before she was born in June. Now we hope to go to the conference together next year! ❤️