Erica, Odin, & Hudson’s Story

Erica, Odin and Hudson’s


I have a creative drive that is not satisfied in my day to day life as a mom and accounting professional. I didn’t have a guide or teacher and was often disappointed in the results. I had a lot of unfinished projects.

I also have a couple of boys that were aged 8 and 10 at the time who I was looking for a way to share time and experiences with. We enrolled in Art Lessons together over 3 consecutive school years.

At Mosaic Arts Loft, being able to work with someone who could help me follow my creative vision while also guiding my boys and helping them develop as artists and problem solvers, has been beyond satisfying. All we have to do is show up with our ideas.

Ann makes sure the equipment and supplies are ready and if our ideas are complex or different, she helps us figure out how to execute them.

When my youngest son, Hudson got recognized at a big art show at the convention center in downtown Portland for one of his sculptures, that was such a proud moment for me and him both. He felt like he was famous!

Many times I have observed the environment at the studio, the way Ann responds to my boys questions or behavior, and I have thought that it was a positive, wholesome place for them to spend time.

My boys are now 12 and 14 and have moved on to other ways of creating three dimensional objects – lego robotics and 3D printing. I believe the skills they learned at Mosaic continue to help them in these new mediums.

I continue to go to Mosaic to execute my creative visions – most recently in the form of large wall pieces. My current project involves throwing disks of different sizes on the wheel, creating a mold of them with plaster and slip casting multiples in dyed porcelain. The cast disks look like sand dollars in different sizes. I am inspired by the movement of schools of fish, blades of grass and flocks of birds and will arrange and fix the disks to a board in a way that resembles these natural dynamic movements.