Radcliff Testimony



Before discovering Mosaic Arts Loft, providing my children with meaningful art experiences was a real challenge. I had art books with lesson plans to help me compensate for my lack of expertise, but art time became a I would dread. I had to hassle with collecting and storing supplies, cleaning up, and most challenging of all, encouraging my children through their frustrated emotions as what they produced fell short of what they envisioned.  As a result of the dread I came to feel, I allowed us to neglect art altogether. I was finally prompted to seek outside help when my children’s interest in pottery was piqued as we read the book A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. Pottery is so far outside my wheelhouse that I couldn’t hope to help them pursue their interest on my own.

The challenges I faced before discovering Mosaic Arts Loft made me feel like I was failing to help my children be well-rounded and explore their full sense of self; their ability to express themselves artistically and to understand the artistic expressions in the world. I felt unorganized, behind, and emotionally drained.

Mosaic Arts Loft is different because art lessons there are organized, professional, and filled with knowledge; not just in artistic technique, but also in how a person develops as an artist. Each student is able to work at their own level, in their own medium,  all the while receiving individual encouragement and instruction. Everyone feels accomplished

I knew that the art skills training my children received at Mosaic Arts Loft was working when my children would show me their works of art with pride and they would explain the problems they encountered and the different solution options they considered. Also, when we would come across similar pieces in the world, they blew me away with the knowledge in how it was made, what the artist did, etc.

Now, my children are full of confidence in their ability to make art. They feel as though they have been behind the curtain and the mystery of how to make art is their own