Celebrating 15 Years of Building Artists at Mosaic Arts Loft

Are you in search of real classical art training that teaches realistic drawing, painting or sculpting? Do you struggle with the inner critic creating roadblocks while drawing your ideas?

You’ll find solutions to these and more at Mosaic Arts Loft, a local art studio in old town Sherwood owned and operated by Ann Brucker; Mosaic just finished celebrating 15 years of teaching art to students and is excited for the years to come.

“We don’t just make art, we build Artists”
Ann Brucker, Owner

Since 2006, Mosaic has acted as a studio, classroom, and gallery for artists of all ages to come and build their artistic practices through various mediums—sculpting, painting, and drawing are just a few examples.

“As a homeschooling mom, I needed to provide my children with the most well-rounded education possible, but I knew that I wanted my girls to experience art in a more immersive and hands-on way.

Before discovering Mosaic, I felt so limited by my own lack of art experience; it was frustrating to know that my girls were missing out on developing a rich relationship with art because I couldn’t offer them certain things.

I loved everything about Mosaic Arts Loft as soon as I took my daughter for her first lesson. The atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming, and cozy. Ann showed such a personal interest in my daughter’s artistic development.

Now, rich and meaningful art education is a part of my daughter’s life. Mosaic Arts Loft has just been such a positive and enriching addition to my child’s life and education.”

Allison Bohrer, Mom

Despite navigating the aftermath of the pandemic, several students at Mosaic placed in the National Student Awards:

Charlotte Rebenstorf, 11th grade; Mosaic Intern, received Honorable Mention in Scholastic National Awards for her charcoal self-portrait.
Charlotte is building an art portfolio for college applications. Below she finishes up realism oil painting; at Mosaic students are trained to draw and paint realistically freehand.

Above: Elena Sheetz, 10th grader in her 5th year at Mosaic, was accepted into the juried K-12 Clay National Exhibition as a Juror’s Favorite.

Above: Kenlie Flann, 1st grader in her 4th year at Mosaic, was accepted into the juried K-12 Clay National Exhibition receiving Special Academic Award.

Above: Elsa Crow 4th grader in her 4th year at Mosaic, was accepted into the juried K-12 Clay National Exhibition receiving Special Orton Company Award.

Above: Ryland Protruch completed his Monet Bridge and water lilies masterpiece using colored pencils. Students learn from landscapes similar to the Classical Masters in Mosaic’s courtyard.

Ann’s Summer Art Camps teaching team is preparing for creative learning, fun creating cherished memories for young artists this summer.
L to R
Rachel See, Kaylynne Flann, Jasmine McCleskey, Ann Brucker, Lauren Eckstein, Charlotte Revenstorf, Kahri Cloninger

Now, after two years of development, Mosaic is expanding its reach by offering its first online courses, Master Artist Blueprint2Realism, thanks to Brucker’s dedication to helping young artists discover their creative spirit without the limitations of location.

Brucker, who holds her Bachelors in Fine Arts Degree from Washington University and Masters in Fine Arts Degree from the University of Washington, designed the new online courses teaching students to utilize masterful techniques for figurative and portrait drawing while applying their own unique style.

Video Art Lessons will be available for schools, homeschoolers and home studios as young artists gain arts education in realism in Sherwood and around the world.

“My challenge before Ann’s online Portrait drawing video course was difficulty in getting a likeness of the person I wanted to draw.
Ann’s Blueprint2Realism Portrait course training was different; a likeness came right away and I could even see some personality showing in the picture.”
Jaelynn Harris

Above: Charlotte Cunningham learns realism Portrait drawing through video teaching in Ann’s Blueprint2Realism courses.

“The Master Artist Blueprint2Realism course trainings reminded me why going back to the basics will always be a good thing; the rules of drawing were reinforced during the art skill lessons and I progressed quickly in my drawing skills, seeing improvements each time.”
Charlotte Cunningham

Whether online or in-person, Mosaic has had a wide impact on Sherwood’s Art Community and is enthusiastic to be entering this new chapter by welcoming new students local and online.

If you would like to know more about classes offered at Mosaic Arts Loft locally and Master Artist Blueprint2Realism online courses. please contact Ann Brucker: 503-625-0818; www.mosaicartsloft.com.

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