Our Covid-19 Policy

To comply with Covid-19 policies, we are offering Mosaic Arts Loft Lessons virtually online; art camps will be offered virtually and onsite, pending Health and Safety policies and regulations. We will be updating Health and Safety policies according to Oregon Health Authority requirements for all Mosaic students and Mosaic staff. On-site Art Lessons and Camps will be taught Online when required by OHA updates or as needed by our clients.

Mosaic Arts Loft

Join over 5,500 Young Artists who are Carrying Forward Arts Education for Future Generations!

Increase Passion For Art

Increase in Focus Skills

Develop Strategic Thinking

Develop Self Esteem

Increase Visual Language

Reduce Anxiety

Studies Have Shown Art is the Key to Real Success in Life

Aspects of training in the arts, like motor control, attention and motivation, increases the efficiency of students’ attention brain network as a whole, even when working in other areas of study — and it improves fluid IQ scores. Sustained arts education can be an essential part of social and intellectual development.”

Johns Hopkins “Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts and the Brain”

Parents Long to see their Kid’s Real Personality Shine Through!

  • Is your child or teen disappointed their art skills lag behind their ideas?
  • Do they feel discouraged in their creativity and other arenas in life?
  • Are they challenged with their ability to focus at home and in school?
  • Do they struggle with low self-esteem and social skills as a result?
  • Does your child or teen need to grow in strategic problem solving?

Many families struggle with these same challenges.

You’re not alone and we are here to help!

Revolutionary Teaching for a New Era

Founder and Owner Ann Brucker’s vision is to guide students to increase their passion for art, to develop strategic thinking and increase their visual language skills. Her experience has seen an increase in student’s focusing skills, development of self-esteem and reduced anxiety.

At Mosaic Arts Loft we have developed a revolutionary process of how we teach...

guiding students unable to express their ideas to creating masterpieces in a short time! Many struggle with self-confidence and focusing skills, which affects their ability to thrive in creating art as well as in life. Mosaic Arts Loft’s Art Teachers guide students from the “fear of the blank canvas” to creating masterpieces; they grow from art observers to artist heroes through weekly skill-based art lessons.

Mosaic Arts Loft staff guide students in local art classes for kids in k-5th, middle school art lessons, high school art lessons, and adult art lessons...

who experience immediate transformation, From Beginner Art Classes to Fine Arts classes participants of all ages gain art skills in learning how to draw, how to paint, and working with clay and clay sculpting; students move from Beginner to Master Artist.

Art Lesssons for Kids

Art classes for kids include pre-school and kindergarten art lessons as well as elementary art lessons geared towards their age levels.  Students learn foundational skills and concepts of drawing, painting and clay sculpting.

Art Lesssons for Teens

Art lessons for Teens includes middle school and high school art lessons, as well as homeschoolers in search of art lessons for teens. Students are guided individually through their choice of classical drawing, painting, pottery or sculpting. 

Art Lesssons for Adults

Adult art classes are offered in individualized group lessons as well as private art lessons.  Students may choose their area of focus from art mediums in drawing, painting, pottery or sculpting.

Workshops in Action

Here’s just a sampling of our students work at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year session.

4 Lesson Progression in Drawing Lessons
Age: 1st Grader

36 Lessons in Drawing, Painting & Ceramics
Age: 3rd Grader

24 Lessons in Ceramics and Clay Sculpting
Age: 7th Grader

It’s Increasingly Common When Students Enroll…
  • Their Art Skills Lag Behind Ideas
  • They Feel Discouraged
  • They have an Inability to Focus
  • Struggle with Low Self-esteem/Social Skills
  • Lack Strategic Problem Solving Skills
In Skill-based
Art Lessons
  • Success in Creating their Ideas
  • Ideas Encouraged
  • Safe, Friendly Environment
  • Individual Attention
  • Rich Meaningful Education
With Ongoing Lessons
  • Feeling like a Real Artist!
  • Proud of their Masterpieces
  • Focused and Accomplished
  • Healthy Self-Confidence
  • Applying Knowledge and Life Skills in Other Arenas
3 Easy Steps

To Start Your Journey

Step #1: Select Lesson

We are ready to guide you in selecting the ART LESSON that best fits your needs and schedule.

Step #2: Register Online

We can help you with registration questions and find solutions to your needs.

Step #3: Follow Up

We have instructors who follow up on your weekly progress; yearly Student Art Shows to share and learn from your peers. Parents are invited to pick up their young artists 5 mins early during weekly art lessons to observe their child’s progress.

3 Areas of Training in

Becoming a Skilled Artist

Art Classes Art Training Area One Art Technique

Area #1: Art Technique

We teach you techniques in all 3 foundational Art mediums of Drawing, Painting and Sculpting.

Art Classes Art Training Area Two Art Discipline

Area #2: Art Discipline

We train you in areas of self-control, problem solving, and group relational dynamics; enhancing creative expression and self-esteem.

Art Classes Art Training Area Three Art Presentation

Area #3: Art Presentation

We guide you in how to present and display your art works for friends, family and businesses.

The Start to Successful Training Is

Customized Art Lessons

Mosaic Arts Loft’s Art Teachers guide students who experience immediate transformation
from the “fear of the blank canvas” to creating masterpieces; they grow from art observers
to artist heroes through weekly skill-based art lessons.

We Guide You Customize Art Classes and Lessons

We Guide You

At Mosaic Arts Loft we help students build courage along with their art skill in our step-by-step art lesson training, relieving the “fear of the blank canvas” and empowering students to go forward and create what they envision, using their unique voice.

We Help You Create Art Classes and Lessons

> So You Can Create

At Mosaic we take each student from their blank canvas, blank paper, or hunk of wet clay, to creating a masterpiece where their real personality can shine through, growing from an art observer to an artist hero in visual communication!

We Help You with Art Classes and Lessons

> In A Short Time

Beginners in just 8 weeks to 48 weeks of skill-based art lessons with a Mosaic Arts Loft Instructor will be able to begin to succeed beyond what you thought possible!

Hear from

Some Of Our Families

Mid-way through our Summer Art Camp week a 10 year old’s father told us “My daughter’s in a learning center program this summer and the Director came up to me yesterday and asked  ‘What has your daughter been doing different this week?!’ I told him all she’s doing different is that we enrolled her in an art camp at Mosaic Arts Loft. Then he said, ‘We have seen her make a dramatic learning breakthrough this week, along with an increase in her ability to focus on her academic work! Whatever they are doing with her at that art camp, we could sure use more of that here!’

DirectorAcademic Learning Center
3 Types of

Creative Choices

Online Art Classes

Ann Brucker

Clay Sculptor

Ann Brucker received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in 1983 and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from University of Washington in 1988. Since 1983 she has been teaching art to all ages in schools, university, churches and artist in residence. Ann opened her current studio Mosaic Arts Loft in 2006 which offers ongoing fine arts instruction to students in Pre-K, 1st-5th, 6th-12th and adults which include drawing, painting, sculpting and pottery wheel throwing.

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