Kaylynne, Khloe, & Kenlie’s Story

Kaylynne Khloe & Kenlie’s


We discovered Mosaic Arts Loft in the summer of 2015 right after my oldest daughter Kaylynne had finished kindergarten. We were looking for some interesting summer camps that she would enjoy and was given a flyer from a friend about Mosaic Arts Loft. I contacted the owner Ann Brucker and she invited my daughter and me to come explore her studio and meet her prior to signing up for the camps. Kaylynne was immediately engaged as Ann let her try out the clay, charcoal pencils, oil pastels and more.

Kaylynne did a couple camps that summer and loved them! We were very impressed with how many different avenues of art that she was exposed to in just a weeks time. We finally moved to Sherwood in 2016 and enrolled Kaylynne and her younger sister Khloe in regular art lessons going on 4 years.

They both will tell you that art is their favorite activity and it has been amazing to watch as a parent how far they have come in just the few years that they have been doing lessons.

Ann teaches them about various impactful artists and all their different techniques. Each project has been unique and she really brings out their creativity and passion for art.

It is so great seeing my girls joy for art at home where they would much rather be creating something on paper or crafting than having screen time. Ann offers classes for all ages and our youngest daughter Kenlie is now enjoying her first year of art as well. We love Mosaic Arts Loft!