Olivia’s Story



Olivia's Story

7th thru 12th Grade

My daughter Olivia has always had a love of art but she needed guidance and instruction.

She is very creative but wasn’t sure how to express the many ideas in her head to create art. I wasn’t sure how to guide her in this process since I’m not very artistic.

Olivia has Aspergers and often struggles with understanding instruction. Ann has always been very patient and taken extra time to explain art projects, and she’s able to do it in a way that Olivia is able to understand. Olivia has never had another art instructor that has been able to do that successfully.
After the first art camp that Olivia attended as a 7th grader, she came home with the knowledge that she is really talented when it comes to art. Ann made her feel very proud of herself. After 2 years of art lessons she was given the opportunity to be an intern at art camp teaching campers how to draw Pikachu! As a 12th grader she designed and created her own clay bear trap serving tray during winter camp.
Her confidence has grown and it’s helped her self esteem to know that she is really good at something. Her imagination and different ideas are encouraged.